Is Anyone Making Money Selling Books?

It's a valid question, right? I mean, James Patterson and JK Rowling both make $90M per year, and Nora Roberts makes $25M per year, a few other big names are making big dollars... But are any indies making their way successfully right now? If we're honest with ourselves as aspiring authors, the 'question behind the…Read more Is Anyone Making Money Selling Books?

Successfully Launching Your Book

Can we talk? There are days I want to plead with first-time authors to please learn as much as they can about successfully launching their book. I always get the call from the excited first-time-author on the other end of the phone that is telling me about how great their book is and how they…Read more Successfully Launching Your Book

Goal Setting for Writers

Sometimes I feel like I am repeating myself when I keep stressing in blogs about the benefits of Self-Publishing. I wondered if people didn't trust my expertise or my opinion? As an author representative, I encourage all my authors to self-publish, however, if they still want to pursue a major publishing company, then I assist…Read more Goal Setting for Writers

Publishing a Children’s Book is Fun and Profitable!

Children’s books are always a big selling product. Children are entering into schools and libraries with big eyes and imaginations into the world of reading every year. So the need to stock up on new children’s books every year is always growing. If you are wondering about the actual over-all facts and numbers on how…Read more Publishing a Children’s Book is Fun and Profitable!

Humble Yourself Before the Editor!

TODAY I AM ADDRESSING THE TOPIC OF MANUSCRIPT EDITING. After being in the book publishing business for many years now, I see one mistake made by authors over and over. And that is not getting their book edited by a professional. Often times, they think that having a friend or two read it is sufficient.…Read more Humble Yourself Before the Editor!

6 Vital Investments for the Self-published Author

The 6 Most Important Investments for the Self-published Author… WHERE SHOULD NEW AUTHORS PUT THEIR MONEY? Everything good comes at a price, either through time or money. When you invest your time to write a book, then you also must invest money to ensure it’s a success. Here the 6 places a new author should…Read more 6 Vital Investments for the Self-published Author

90 Days and 7 Steps to Launch Your First Book

Congratulations – you’ve recently put the finishing touches on your first book and now it published and on Amazon and hopefully Barnes & Noble! Yay! Believe it or not, that is a rare accomplishment that not many people can claim. If you thought writing your book was hard work, brace yourself for the next necessary…Read more 90 Days and 7 Steps to Launch Your First Book

Author’s are a Diverse People

  This past year (2018) I met some wonderful people who I helped become published authors.    As an Author Representative for Empire Publishing, I live an exciting life. I never know the next interesting person I will meet that has a manuscript that they want to publish.   It has made me realize that anyone can write a…Read more Author’s are a Diverse People