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“You’ve written what is your pride and joy that came from your heart and soul, and Empire Publishing treats it as such – not just another job.
Empire Publishing makes publishing easy and stress-free. We have simplified book publishing by streamlining the process and making it virtually effortless for the author. Our publishing packages are superior in all regards to that of our competitors.”

Empire Publishing has a vision of maintaining the highest standards in the Publishing industry. No matter how big the company grows, you will always be able to to call and speak to a knowledgeable representative or a literary agent, who will assist you in getting your manuscript from your word doc to a professional marketable book.

Empire Publishing has several different Publishing packages available to meet the needs of any Author, and you can create a custom package by calling 702-292-4638

For the person who does not need to be on the phone to discuss their manuscript, there are simple options available online. I will break them down in simple terms:

  • The Bronze Package The “Bronze” combo-publishing package is designed for smaller books (20,000 words or less) without skimping on quality. This is the ideal package for short stories and gives an author the freedom of choice to add-on services, products or upgrades at any time during and after the publishing process. You get an assigned bar-code, ISBN, eBook (Kindle), personal Author eStore and distribution. It is a lot of bang for a small buck of only $299.00
  • The Silver Package  The “Silver” combo-publishing package includes upgrades on services, custom cover options, more trim sizes, expanded distribution and promotional tools. For books up to 80,000 words. This package was designed to be an excellent starting point for authors. It is an ideal package for amateur authors that want to get their feet wet in the publishing industry. Or for the pro-author who already has their own website and Social media platform. For only $699.00
  • The Gold Package  The “Gold” combo-publishing package is our number one best selling package, it includes upgrades on services, more custom cover options, interior options, trim sizes, expanded distribution and promotional tools. This package includes a personal assistant to help put together a marketing strategy for the author’s book. Also, included is social media development to begin building an author platform that will place name recognition online which is needed to generate book sales. Includes a webpage and bookmarks. Only $999.00
  • The Titanium Package The “Titanium” combo-publishing package is the ultimate in independent publishing package available… anywhere. Titanium is for pro authors who are serious about a career in writing. It includes all the products and services, such as a custom cover, custom interior, expanded distribution and marketing tools. This package was designed for authors serious about launching a career in writing. The “Titanium” combo-publishing package includes everything needed to produce a professionally manufactured product (your book), establish a solid author platform and market it in a fashion that will produce the highest royalties. $6199.00

For more packages and services please go to our web site  www.empirebookpublishing.com

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