High Rise Life Magazine

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How Much Money Do You Want To Make Selling Books?

AS AN AUTHOR, YOU MUST ALSO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR, A SALESPERSON, A MARKETING SPECIALIST, AND A PUBLIC RELATIONS SPOKESPERSON. Your book is a product that you are selling. So, therefore, treat it as a product. The best way to sell your product is to promote it. Create a Brand, either by your Title or by…Read more How Much Money Do You Want To Make Selling Books?


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The Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing

Are you struggling to obtain a traditional publishing contract? The million dollar question is, why? The second question is "Why not be an Indie Author instead?" The ONLY Pro about getting a traditional publishing contract with a Big 5 Publishing house, is the initial cash up front for your book. After you spend that money,…Read more The Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing

Let’s Talk About Book Publishing

The topic of book publishing is something that about 30,000 people a year endeavor themselves to obtain the proper information, and may try to self educate by going to Google or many web-sites and blogs, or even attend seminars or classes to understand how to publish a book, and the options that are available to…Read more Let’s Talk About Book Publishing