High Rise Life Magazine

Put your book title in a magazine! Call Francesca at High Rise Life Magazine to advertise your book! Announcement: High Rise Life Magazine is getting ready to go nationwide! Now distributing to California! We are making a hit in Las Vegas! People love us and our magazine. And since we are both print and digital…Read more High Rise Life Magazine


Publishing 101 Know the Inside Scoop

In the Book Publishing world we meet all sorts of interesting people. Meeting with a variety of different personality types, who have interests that can range from anything in the world to anything under the sun. Some are highly intellectual, some are seasoned by life experience, and some are just seeking information that may apply…Read more Publishing 101 Know the Inside Scoop

How Much Money Do You Want To Make Selling Books?

AS AN AUTHOR, YOU MUST ALSO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR, A SALESPERSON, A MARKETING SPECIALIST, AND A PUBLIC RELATIONS SPOKESPERSON. Your book is a product that you are selling. So, therefore, treat it as a product. The best way to sell your product is to promote it. Create a Brand, either by your Title or by…Read more How Much Money Do You Want To Make Selling Books?


Book reviews are vitally important in order to be ranked well on AMAZON.com –  You may have a great book with outstanding content, but without reviews, it will not be ranked well on AMAZON. Being highly ranked increases your book sales. Because it increases your visibility on AMAZON. Which Self-Published Authors desperately need. There are guidelines for…Read more AMAZON BOOK REVIEWS & TIPS