Literary Tips for Writing a Book

Honest criticism in a book review is good and the Author who accepts the criticism as a way to better themselves will do far better than the Author who takes offense to it. A critical book review is a vehicle for examining and discussing issues the book itself raises or fails to raise. But it goes deeper than that.


Let’s Talk About Book Publishing

The topic of book publishing is something that about 30,000 people a year endeavor themselves to obtain the proper information, and may try to self educate by going to Google or many web-sites and blogs, or even attend seminars or classes to understand how to publish a book, and the options that are available to…Read more Let’s Talk About Book Publishing


Book reviews are vitally important in order to be ranked well on –  You may have a great book with outstanding content, but without reviews, it will not be ranked well on AMAZON. Being highly ranked increases your book sales. Because it increases your visibility on AMAZON. Which Self-Published Authors desperately need. There are guidelines for…Read more AMAZON BOOK REVIEWS & TIPS